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Apple is one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of electronic devices. The company has produced a family of respectful products, as iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Mac, and many other devices. Apple is also acknowledged by its technical support. It is considered the best between all the companies, according a Consumer Report’s survey. There have the options of online support, by internet and telephone too.

In this article, you are going to see how to contact the company to solve technical problems by making a simple call on your telephone, from everywhere. We will show to you how to ask for help using the Apple technical support phone numbers, to fix your problems easily.

Apple Technical Support


Founded on April, 1976, Apple has changed the course of the technology. Conducted by Steve Jobs, the company has arrived the global acknowledged with the launch of Apple II, on 1977. At that moment, the company has gained its first investor.

On 2001, Apple launched the player iPod. The device has become one of the greatest performances on online sales. On 2007, Apple launched the iPhone, the device who turns on popularity the touch screen technology. Check out below how Steve Jobs launched the first Iphone:


Today, Apple is present in all the world and is the most valuable US company, reaching the mark of 700 billion dollars of market value, consolidating itself as the greatest American corporation of all time.

With this large-scale popularization, the company has forced to create a massive technical support system, for help the millions of users around the world. Phone numbers, online chat, forums of user and experts and a large network of specialist’s support are the tools that Apple offers for its users, to keep the greatness of their experience.

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The official app for Apple technical support is already available for more than 22 countries around the world. It is free and deliver quickly information to the user, whit some tips and advices to solve problems and provide support for the users’ questions and issues.

It also counts with tutorial of how access any recourse and how to contact an authorized technical support specialist.

With Genius Bar app, you can also schedule a specialized service, with some Authorized Technical Support Specialist of Apple, or arrange the dispatch of your device by mail, if it is necessary.

The app can provide the specialized help that you need.


On the Apple community, you can find support and answers for every doubt or issue that you have. You can also ask something new, if you want to.

Besides that, if you maintain yourself as an active member of the community, this can bring to you a lot of benefits, while you score points, helping other users, grow in level and get some prizes and rewards.

With the advanced search tool, you can select your search by content, persons or community, select some questions as useful to you, maybe the solution of your problem and some other things.

To access the community, you must access the website on


With you have any doubt or want to talk with a specialist of Apple, the online chat is the perfect tool for it.

The average wait time is less than 2 minutes and you will contact an Apple work specialized on technical support.

To have this Support, you can go to and select for which product you need help.

For example, if your problem is related to the performance of your iPhone, you only need to go on “Performance”, choose what the problem is occurring with your device, as “the operational system is not responding”.

Click on start online chat, if you have a registered product, select start a session and choose a product, inform the series-code number or IMEI.


The profile @AppleSupport is ready to help the user, with information and tips to fix or solute any of your doubts or problems that you are experiencing with you Apple device.

You can also access it from the address

It is available every day, from 5 am to 8 pm, Eastern Time.

They respond you almost immediately, solving your problem or asking for more information, by direct message.


To learn more about the Apple’s services and discover your creative side, the company provides free workshops for people with all the levels of experience and knowledge.

Access the page  and find the information “Find a Workshop”, select your city or local area, state and postal code.

There are classes about all the Apple’s gadgets and it worth the learning.

Apple Technical Support


You can also talk with a specialist by phone.

Asking for technical support by phone, you can choose the option to call while the problem occurs, or schedule a later call.

All you need to do is go to, choose what Apple’s device you want support, as your iPhone, for example, and you will be directed for a page where you will have some options to solve your problem.

On United States, the service works 24 hours per day and 7 days per week, for the Apple costumer.

Apple Technical Support Phone Numbers:

  • USA

1-800-MY-IPHONE (From your iPhone)

1-800-275-2273 (From any other cellphone)

1-800-800-2775 (Educational Support)

1-800-780-5009 (Sales Support)

1-866-752-7753 (Corporate Support)

1-877-204-3930 (Support for People with Special Needs)

  • Canada

1-800-263-3394 (Support in English)

1-800-263-3394 (Support in French)

  • Mexico

001-866-676-5682 (Support in English and Spanish)

  • UK

0800 107 6285

0800 048 0754 (Support for People with Special Needs)

Apple has a phone number for Technical Support on every country where a company’s device is on sale.

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Apple Technical Support

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