Comcast Technical Support

Before we talk about Comcast Technical Support, is importante to know that this company is the actual largest company of cable television and internet on the world, with a revenue of 80 billion dollars, on 2016.

The company has, only on United States, more than 45 million customers and operates on 40 states, plus District of Columbia.

The NBCUniversal Group, one of the major producers of television and movies contents of world, is also one of the subsidiaries of Comcast Corporation.

Comcast Technical Support

Founded in 1963, as Comcast Holdings, the company is eventually called “a family business”, because a family, the Roberts, owns one third the company and providing presidents and directors from a long time ago.

Comcast offers cable services of internet, television, and interactive content for its costumer. The company provide service for commercial and residential customers.


The company also offers pay-per-view content for its costumers on United States, what places Comcast as the first pay television provider company on USA.

The cable television service of Comcast is branded as Xfinity, but, still the same company and the same service that Comcast was.

On this article, you will see how to request the Comcast Technical Support online for easily solve any problem that occurs with your Comcast hardware device or with the service provided itself.


The Comcast’s costumers, same as the other cable television companies, have experienced problems with some services of the company, so the internet have a lot of content about how to fix or solute any problem with hardware or signal failure, when it is possible to fix by yourself.


But, you must have caution with some internet tips and tutorial, because you may turn a small into a big one, by causing damage to the Comcast device, by example.

Because of that, you should use the official channels of Comcast, to request technical support.

User commonly related problems with poor signal or even a completely down one, general device problems, as devices that does not turns on, and some other types of problems and issues.

Other common problems are related with DVR recordings, financial doubts and the use of interactive tools.

In the channels of Comcast Technical Support will can ask about pay complaining and other issues.

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Comcast provides some channels for its costumer to solve any problem easily. See some of that channels below:

  • Comcast/Xfinity Support

Xfinity is the Comcast’s brand for internet and cable television. On the Xfinity website, you find technical support for any Comcast service, and much more about other information, as purchasing a new product or service, as a pay-per-view event or channel.

There are also many articles about common problems and its resolutions. It is an entire website dedicated to help and solve doubts and issues of users.

On the website you find questions and answers about some topics, which are classified by product or service. For example, if you are a new costumer, there is a complete session talking about how to start to use the service and how to install the devices of Comcast.

There is also a way to search by a subject of your interest and find articles about the technical support that you need.

The website is also available on Spanish language.

Comcast Technical Support

  • Chat with a Comcast agent

To get fast answers, opt in to talk directly with a Comcast agent.

On this option, it is possible to talk with a specialist about your situation or issue. All you need to is select a subject of your doubt, then, you will be directed to a specialist on the selected subject.

But, before that, you must describe your problem on a specific form for that, where you will type the issue of yours, to help the specialist to find the correct answers for it.

The Comcast chat is available 24/7 – It means 24 hours per day and 7 days per week, always there for technical support that you can need.

  • Social Media

Comcast has a Twitter account dedicated to solve users’ problems directly. The account is on the responsibility of the Xfinity brand, but, you can use it for technical support contact normally.

You can send a direct message or a direct mention to @xfinity or access, where you can be directed to an article that talks about your problem or be directed to a more specialized support.

There is also the Facebook account of Comcast, under the brand of Xfinity, which you can access on There you send a message to Comcast, asking for help about some problem and receive specialized support from Comcast or be directed to a local technical support.

It is recommended some careful about the information that you provide on social media, avoid to give personal information, even talking with a Comcast worker. Prefer to give this information direct on Comcast website or by phone.

  • Comcast Users’ forum

Comcast also provides a users’ forum for technical support.

There the company costumers and some specialist answers questions related to any technical problem. You can see how some users performed to fix his past problems and try to do the same thing, to fix your own situation.

But, it is recommended some discretion on the forum, because it is open and your personal information, as information about your signature, should not be given by anyone, even if the person who helps you calls itself as an official specialist. This information must be given only on direct channels of support, a chat and phone.

You can access the forum here:

  • Comcast Technical Support Phone Number

If the information on the website are not enough to solve your problem, you also have the option to call for Comcast technical support by telephone number.

The technical support by phone works 24 hours per day and 7 days per week, available every time that you need some help (24/7).

You can call 1-800-934-6489 and talk with a specialist that will conduct you to a solution of your problem.

It is free toll from United States and by giving some of your account information, the technical support could see if your area is experiencing some local problem, or if there is something wrong with your signature or even a worst situation, that will demand specialized support.

You can also find the number of an authorized technical support assistance near to you. Only need to access the website, inform your postal and there you be listed the official agents address and phone numbers that are near to your location.



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Comcast Technical Support

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