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Are you looking for Microsoft Technical Support? You’re in the right place.

If we think in a list of the greatest technologies companies of all time, certainly, Microsoft will be listed in, maybe at the first place for many people.

The company owns the global market of operational system with Windows, and his leadership dates from a long time ago.

Other product very important and known by people, is the Microsoft Office, maybe, the most famous and daily used family of software of our time.

But, as everything in the world of technology, the more people uses a thing, more problems come from it. But, if you are experiencing a problem, Microsoft provides a large technical support network.

Asks for Microsoft Technical Support is a very simple and fast process. The company has a lot of resources to fix the problems that occurs, allowing to the costumer resolve his issue easily and quickly.


In this article, you will see how to ask for help, knowing all the tools that Microsoft has for Technical Support, and how to use each of them proper, accordingly to what problem or issue you are dealing with.

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Could I find the solution of my problem on internet?

Around the internet, the problems with Microsoft’s products has been very discussed by the users. All sort of problems, since “how to start my computer”, up to more complex ones, as the problems with drivers, hardware and things like that, which demands some expert knowledge to resolve, has been addressed by user and by specialist.


But, if you do not believe on everything that is on internet, a good thing to do, by the way, there is a chance to request for a qualified help coming from the Official Technical Support of Microsoft.

For corporate users, usually the company provides this support from a specialized IT team. But, if you are an individual user, sometimes an IT specialist isn’t available, and you should solve your problems by your own account.

To avoid that the users experience be spoiled by any problem, Microsoft Technical Support is ready to help.



Microsoft counts with a complete website for Technical Support, for every kind of its services and devices.

The website has several topics, exploring some of the most common problems that affects the users. See some of the ways to get help:


At the beginning of the page, this is the first questions that Microsoft makes to you. In this option, you can look for the problem that you are facing, as some Windows OS’ error or something else on Office, for example. Typing what you need, will be shown pages, with articles that can help you with your issue. All you need to do is select the one that will help you better.


The Microsoft’s Community is a great way to you find any technical support that you´re looking for, about some product or service, with the users, and it is free to use.

To reach the community, you must logon into your Microsoft account, and you will be allowed to make question, join any discussions, find community leader and much more.

You can also look by categories, as problems with Windows, Office, Outlook, Internet Explorer, OneDrive, Viruses, Malwares, etc.


If you can’t solve your problem by the community help, contact the company by the Contact Us form. There is three option;

  • Technical support for domestic user;
  • Individual user;
  • Technical Support for corporation;
  • Developers and IT professionals;
  • And the Support for sales.

Inform the problem that you are facing, select the product that you are using, as Windows, for example e choose the problem’s category, as Network and connectivity, for example.

With this done, will be shown articles, on Help Options and Support, a section of the Microsoft’s website.

Also, will have the option to ask for a call from Microsoft Answer Desk, where you schedule a call with the company, at the date and hour of your preference, and asks something for the community as well.

Microsoft Technical Support


You need to update your Windows, or purchase some Microsoft Office’s tool? In this page, you find your solution.

Microsoft has a sort of apps and tools for improve the use of the products and the user experience as well. To find what you´re looking for, everything you need to do is choose the product that you already have or wants to, and looks for what you need.


The Twitter account is there to help you about any issue. Either by Direct Message or a Direct Post, the Microsoft technical support profile answers you almost immediately, and can solves your problem, asking about it, and some requesting details, to solve or direct for a more detailed article or a field technical support.


You can also ask for help from an authorized assistance specialist, that can solve all your technical issues, especially if it is about hardware, which can demand more experience and knowledge. This specialized help can also be request on an official Microsoft’s store, that exists in some places.


Almost every minor issue can be directly solved on your computer. Every software on Windows, or even the Operational System by itself, has a help section, where you can find some articles about your issue or be direct for a more specialized help.


But, if you don’t fix your problems directly on your computer, or even by a remote assistance, as forums and Twitter support, you can call for Microsoft, to request a specialist help immediately.

In the page you consult all the phone numbers for technical support for every country that it is available.

The customer service phone number for the United States is: 1-800-892-5234.

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Microsoft Technical Support

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