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Timer Warner started to operate cable television services on 1973, with the former name Warner Cable.

Until 2016 it was a Timer Warner Inc. subsidiary, but, at the year 2016, Time Warner cable Tv division was bought by Charter Communication.

Time Warner Inc. is one of the greatest companies of telecommunications on the world. It is responsible for broadcast CNN and HBO, two of more watched television channels on world.

After that, TWC started to be offered on some areas as Spectrum. But, in some areas, the service still be offering as Time Warner brand.


Spectrum or Time Warner is the second largest cable television company on United States, operating and offering cable tv, internet and voice services, on 29 states across the country.

On this article, you will see how to request technical the Time Warner Technical Support service, either being telephone, internet or voice.


TWC customers have experienced problems with some services of the company in the past. This historical generate a large content, that you can find on the internet about the problems related by users and how to fix them.


But, you must have caution with some internet tips and tutorials, because you can turn a small problem into a big one, causing damage to the device or damaging the providing of the service, by example.

Because of that, it is recommended to use one of the many official channels of Time Warner, to request technical support and perform any repair to fix your problem.

Users commonly related problems with poor signal or even a completely outage, general device problems, as devices that does not turns on, and some other types of problems and issues.

The internet connection is a theme of problem stories, which turns slow sometimes or even a complete down of it. The television outage is another problem often related by user.

On the official channels  about Time Warner Technical Support, you can ask about pay complaining and issues too, another theme of frequent issues with the company and its customers, as you can see on related forums and websites on internet.

How to contact the Time Warner Technical Support

There is a lot of ways to contact them. Time Warner provides some channels for its costumer to solve any problem easily. See some of that channels below:

  • Website (Internet)

On the Time Warner technical support website, there is a list of most common problems and how to correct them.

You can find answers for the most commons problems, with some articles and pages about services like television, internet and telephone.

There is a session for bills and accounts issues, as for request new services too.

The website is very complete and offers video tutorials, equipment manuals, and articles about everything on Time Warner universe.

Time Warner Technical Support number

Informing you ZIP Code, you will receive local support information, which can allow you to see situations that occurring on your local area.

If you are a residential customer, access it on https://www.timewarnercable.com/en/support/overview.html

But, if you are a business customer, access it on https://business.timewarnercable.com/support/overview.html

For enterprises one, access it on https://enterprise.spectrum.com/support/overview.html

The website for residential customers is available on Spanish language too, and it is the official way to get online help and technical support for Time Warner service.

Some websites of Time Warner are offering now under the brand of Spectrum, but, if you still under the brand of Time Warner, you can use the website of Spectrum normally.

You can also sign in your account, to get an even better experience for technical support.

  • Virtual Assistant

If the answers on website does not help you completely, you can try to talk with the Virtual Assistant of Time Warner by chat.

You need to specify what problems are you experiencing, and you will be directed to a more specialized technical support, provided by a specialist Time Warner, which will give to you a proper answer to your problem or direct you to a presential technical support.

The chat Virtual Assistant for technical support is also provided on Spanish language and it is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

You can access it on https://twc.creativevirtual15.com/twc/bot.html

  • Presential Technical Support on a Store

You can also need a presential technical support from a specialist, that can solve all your technical issues, especially if it is something impossible to solve remotely, which can demand more experience and knowledge.

Visit a Time Warner or Spectrum store for that. Check the stores nearby you and pay a visit to them.

Check the stores on your local area on the website informing the address, city, state or ZIP Code of yours: https://www.timewarnercable.com/en/support/twc-stores.html

Time Warner Technical Support presential

  • Forums

There is also, a forum provided by Time Warner, dedicated to help you with your technical support issues.

There, the company costumers and some specialist answers questions related to any technical problem.

You can see how some users performed to fix his past problems and try to do the same thing, to fix your own situation.

But, it is recommended some discretion on the forum, because it is open and your personal information, as information about your signature, should not be given by anyone, even if the person who helps you calls itself as an official specialist of Time Warner or Spectrum.

You can access it on http://forums.timewarnercable.com/

  • Time Warner Technical Support – Phone Number

If the information on the website or virtual assistant are not enough to solve your problem, you also have the option to call for Time Warner technical support.

There are various phone number to you call for TWC Customer Service, depending on what type of customer you are.

Residential Customers: 1 800 892 4357. The service works 24 hours per day, every day of the year, and it is a free toll call from United States. It is also available on Spanish language.

Business Customers: 1 866 892 4249, a free toll phone number. 1 866 69 3678, phone number for national accounts. 1 866 877 4851, phone number for government services.

Enterprise Customers: 1 877 470 2023, for Bright House Network. 1 866 603 3199, for Charter customers. 1 808 643 8510, for Time Warner customers on Hawaii. 1 888 812 2591, for Time Warner on United States abroad.

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Time Warner Technical Support

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