Xbox One Technical Support

Xbox One Technical Support

If you are experiencing some problems or issues if your Xbox One console, Microsoft provides a support service to the users. In this article, you will can see everything about Xbox One Technical Support, how to ask for help and what problems you can solve directly and easily, with few steps.

About Xbox One

Launched on November 2013, the Xbox One is the third generation of the Microsoft’s consoles family. The successor of Xbox 360 had come to market with great innovations, as Blu Ray support, 4K Video Resolution and 7.1 Surround Sound.

With all these innovations, internet has become an essential input to the console’s right working and, as every that comes with internet generates doubts, the situation with Xbox One isn’t different.

Aware of this, Microsoft turns available a direct support service, to help the costumers to solve all the problems that they experiment.

Until now, the console has sold 30 million unities and consolidates itself as one of the greatest product of the Microsoft Corporation. Watch below the Xbox One Launch Trailer:

Read below how to request help for any issue or doubt that you have, allowing the experience of gaming being better and better.



Main problems with Xbox One

Xbox One Tech Support

Even with a great hardware and a completely renew operational system, a couple of problems has been reported with Xbox One, and some of them have been very common.

The console’s operational system uses RAM Memory, as a computer does, and, if stays switched on, for a long time, the data could accumulate and the processing of Xbox One console could be compromised.

Some users of the Microsoft’s console has experimented a couple of problems, during the installation of games. In this case, the download is interrupted and the game, even it has been installed before, does not work, or, even worst, compromises the console at all. If this continue to occur, turning into a frequently problem, can compromise the performance of Xbox One console.


Other problem that could appear is with Kinect sensor. Some cases have been reported where the console does not recognize the movement sensor gadget. When the user verifies on the console, if the Kinect is correctly connected and ready to use, it informs to user that the Kinect is not ready to play, even the gadget is correctly connected with the console and receives power, as it need to work without problems.

Also, the internet connection of the console is a currently problem that users are experimenting around the world. It is common that the test of internet connection results in failure, returning an error message. Below you will see how to request Xbox One Technical Support.

How to request for Xbox One Technical Support

Xbox One Technical Support

Some issues the user can solve directly on the console. If the initialization of the console locks on the famous, and also feared, “green screen”, the suggestion is to wait for 15 minutes, until the problem solves for itself. If after that time, the screen does not change, the orientation is to hold the power button for 10 seconds, until the console turns off completely. Wait for more 15 seconds and, then, turn the console on again.

The issues with Kinect can also be solved directly on the console. To perform that, the uses need to calibrate the sensor. The uses need to access the configurations option of Kinect and do the process of calibration, for allows the gadget to work correctly again. If this does not work, reinitiate the console could solve the problem too, especially if the voice command is not working.

Another common problem is the automatic logon that does not work correctly for some users. If the console asks you for insert your username and your password over and over again, it is recommended that you remove your account and add it again, with your information.

Failures on the installation of some games and additional content are directly related to a loaded Hard Disk, and an error that have been reported is that the console does not deliver any error message about that, making impossible the download of other games or any additional content.

When this occurs, the user must access “My Games and Apps” and verify how much space still available on the console’s Hard Disk. A great way to gain more space is delete images and videos, which demands a lot of memory.

The Xbox One controller can present problems with its battery and that will make it turns off, without any notice. To avoid those problems, the user must change the batteries regularly and refresh the controller, accessing the configurations options.

But, if the solution presented on the console does fix the problems, you are going to need Xbox One Tech Support. For that Microsoft present some solutions to the user.

The website has a lot of option to solve the issues, doubts and problems that the user can pass through, all of that divided by categories. All the options have topics of common questions and present a lot of solutions that the user can try, to solve the problems.

Xbox Support Number

To contact Xbox One Technical Support by telephone, you have to request a call. First of all you must “sign in”. Then one of agents will call you to begin working on your issue. Click here to sign in!

xbox tech support

Chat With Xbox Support

The user can also use the Chat support for technical support of Xbox One. In this option, the user has a personal chat with the experts of Microsoft. To use that, the user needs to go to the website and select the option “Chat With Xbox Support”, log in in him Xbox’s account and report what the problem occurs and it description. After that, the user can chat with the expert, who will know exactly how to solve the user’s problem.

The site also have a web forum, which is a community, where the other user asks questions and also respond to the questions of all the users around the world. If there is any doubt or question about anything, the Xbox’s owners can help each other, simple creating an open discussion on the web forum.

Another option to solve problems is to get contact with Microsoft by Twitter. This works form 6 AM to 12 AM, the official profile for this is @xboxsupport and they respond to any doubt about the Xbox products directly, almost in real time, turning into an excellent option to solve problems that disturb the users.



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Xbox One Technical Support

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