Yahoo Technical Support

In this article I am going to show you how to request the Yahoo Technical Support.

The Company is one of the greatest companies of internet. With almost one billion users, at the year of 2014, and more than 200 million access per month by average, on the company’s websites around the world.

It allows the company to be placed as the fifth website on the world, by access, accordingly by Amazon’s Alexa Internet Ranking. Today, the company is offered on 20 different languages around the world.

The company operate many different services, as a big internet portal, a web storage, an email service, the Yahoo Mail, and one of the greatest sports portal on USA, the Yahoo Sports, which has the most popular baseball fantasy game.

Other two famous and great services that Yahoo is the owner, are Flickr, the website for online video and image hosting, and Tumblr, the microblog social network.

The company is also the owner of 35,5% of the Chinese company Alibaba Group, the global fifth greatest company of the internet.


Yahoo Technical Support

What else the company provides?

Another important tool them provide to the public is its search, the Yahoo Search.

Even having been surpassed by Google Search and Bing, the Microsoft’s search tool, Yahoo Search still very used and popular, among the internet community.


One of the greatest references of the internet, by the decade of 2000, they are now is controlled by Verizon, which bought for 4,4 billion dollars on 2017.

Yahoo has already evaluated in more than 100 billion dollars, baking on the middle of 2000’s.

Even being in the decreasing on user numbers, Yahoo still very popular and maintains a great community, that uses the services every day.

If you are one of them, and are experiencing any issue with any service, you will read on this article how to request technical support from Yahoo.

Here the Yahoo’ website!


The most common problems described by Yahoo users, are related with the failures of email service, which downs sometimes.

The above is a big problem, that can disturb a lot a user, but other minor problems can occur too.
For example, the Yahoo Baseball Fantasy Game, the most popular Fantasy of baseball, in USA, can disturb the life of the user, by showing some problems, as lost connections, in the middle of the initial draft, by example, a nightmare for the user and fantasy player.

Also, if you want to change your password, of any Yahoo’s services, or want to related an abuse on Flickr, for example, this issues can be easily solved by Yahoo technical support, and in this article we will explain to you how to ask for help for those problems, and any other that you are dealing with.

Yahoo Technical Support

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The Yahoo Technical Support does not provide any telephone service to solve problems, unless you are a “Small Business” client, for who this option is available. But, the doubts and issues of the ordinary user can be solved on the Yahoo Help, with the user’s community, or by the Yahoo’s social media.

If you are experiencing any problem with some service, and need technical support, check out below how to request help to solve your issues:


Yahoo provides an entire website for technical support, the Yahoo Help. The portal was made for bring and join, in just one place, all the common questions answered about every Yahoo service.

You can access Yahoo Help at, there you can select for what product or service you want technical support. There are many topics with almost every problem related by user and what you can do to solve that by yourself. There are also, tips and information, about how to protect your account, against hacking and other threats that exist on internet.

You can also make contact directly, if you doubt or issue are not sufficient clarified by Yahoo Help, by send an email for Yahoo:

Password recovery:

Work on Yahoo:

Small Business:

Press Inquiries:

Watch the video about how to contact Yahoo Technical Support:


The Yahoo Forum, which you can access on, has more than 170 thousand registered members. There is possible to ask any questions for the users’ community, about any subject that you have a doubt.
There are open forums about services as Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Sports, Messenger, Flickr, Tumblr, and others.

If you are a Fantasy player, for example, you can access the forum to see some tips and discussions, about Fantasy too, and this is another interesting fact about the users’ community.

It is simple to obtain easily and simplified answers with this tool, but, as it is open for everyone on the internet, it is recommended some precaution with your personal information.


Yahoo provides a Twitter account for technical support. You can send a direct message or a direct mention to @YahooCare or access, and request help.

You can also access the official Yahoo technical support Facebook account on Facebook: There, you can send a direct message to them, and if the question is well formulated, the answers can solve your problem immediately.

It is also recommended some precaution with your personal information on those channels.


For Small Business costumers, Yahoo provides an exclusive website for technical support. On the website the costumer can find solutions for any issue, asks for a more personal help or contact the online technical support for his online business.

The technical support service of Yahoo Small Business is exclusive for ecommerce and costumers, but, there are educational forums, where the ordinary users can learn some interesting things.

There, Yahoo also provides explaining and educational videos, for who wants to start your own online company.


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Yahoo Technical Support

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